WineXpert Reserve: Quality 6 Week Wines

Premium-style wines with exceptional body, flavour, and aroma. These are wines with a WOW factor. Cellaring 2-3 months strongly recommended.

Australian Grenache Rosé
This dry Rosé from the land down under evokes the taste of strawberry and raspberry with a crisp acidity to the finish.
Blush $180.00
Argentinan Malbec
WineXpert has done a lovely job with this Argentinian Malbec. Spicy tastes of cloves blended with blackberry gives a full bodied flavour. Bold tannins and a smoky oak palette will be a perfect pairing for steak.
Red $185.00
Australia Cabernet Sauvignon
Deep ruby colour with black currant, eucalyptus and cedar nose. A rich, full-bodied wine with silky tannins, ripe black fruit and oak. Excellent with wild game, steaks and roast beef. Also great with full flavoured pastas and aged firm cheeses. Includes premium American oak.
Red $185.00
Australian Cabernet Shiraz
This full bodied red provides tasty notes of blackberry and dark chocolate with a hint of liquorice and a nice smoky finish. Heavy oak profile, this wine will age well.
Red $185.00
California Cabernet Merlot
California Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot This popular blend combines the plump, fruity, earlier ageing Merlot grape with the robust Cabernet Sauvignon grape for a powerful match.
Red $185.00
California Enigma
A unique enigma in our red series, this California treat brings an off-dry slightly sweet flavour making it unique amongst our other 6 week premium offerings. Smooth dark fruit flavours with a hint of spice and a vanilla finish. Medium oak levels and a medium-full body.
Red $185.00
California Merlot
California Merlot The plump, lush fruitness of this respected grape translates into a wine which perfectly balances berry and spice flavours with a smooth, supple texture. Mouth-filling and delicious; a standout with grilled meats.
Red $185.00
Chilean Carmenere
Chilean Carmenère Deep crimson, with dark cherry aroma, red fruits and berry notes running to a smoky, spicy finish with notes of dark chocolate and tobacco. With medium body and moderate tannins, Carmenre drinks well young and improves with age. Drink with grilled beef, pizza, or dark chocolate.
Red $185.00
Chilean Pinot Noir
This medium bodied wine will be a little more forgiving to those who choose to sneak a bottle from the cellar a little early. The Chilean soil brings us a nice earthy nuance along with fruity notes of black raspberry and red cherries.
Red $185.00
Italian Amarone
Almost black in colour and a nose of spice, tar and dried berries. Rich flavours of dried fruit and prunes typical of wines made from dried grapes. Robust pastas, braised meats and hearty beef stews pair well with this smooth wine. Includes premium Hungarian oak.
Red $185.00
Italian Luna Rossa
As full bodied as they come - the Luna Rossa brings a dry medium oak profile with strong developed flavours of ripe black cherry and blackberries. Plum finish with toasty oak notes. This wine will appreciate a longer cellaring time to fully develop.
Red $185.00
Australian Chardonnay
Ripe pineapple, mango and vanilla with a smooth creamy texture
White $180.00
Australian Traminer Riesling
Floral stone fruit beginning with a honeysuckle and lime finish. Lighter in body with an off-dry mouth feel
White $180.00
California Riesling
A great summer wine, perfect for enjoying at a picnic on a hot day. This dry riesling gives notes of white peach and pineapple with a mouth watering acidity.
White $180.00
California Sauvignon Blanc
The classic Sauvignon Blanc grape in all its California-grown splendour. Gooseberry and lime notes with a tropical fruit aroma. Lighter in body with a dry finish.
White $180.00
German Gewürztraminer
Slightly sweet on the palette with notes of orange blossom, stone fruit and lychee.
White $180.00
Italian Pinot Grigio
One of our most popular wine styles. This 6 week kit provides more robust flavours than our basic 4-week premium wines provided you can resist temptation and let it bottle age for a few months! Green apple, lemon zest and a refreshing acidity round out the flavour.
White $180.00