The U Brew concept

Terminal City Brewing is Vancouver’s first and finest U-Brew facility. We were the first facility in town to introduce the brew on premise concept.

U Brew allows you to save money while enjoying a variety of micro-brewed premium beer styles, wines from around the globe, and a large selection of ciders. No membership is required. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time brewer or a seasoned veteran looking for a new place to brew, we will help you throughout the entire process; it’s fun and easy to do. Plenty of choices and varieties will keep you coming back for more. We have top of the line commercial steam-heated copper-jacketed kettles that make beer the right way. NO KITS!

The beer brewing process

  1. Choose your beer recipe from the menu selection.
  2. Cook in our steam-heated copper kettles. (staff will assist).
  3. Let ferment for 10 days plus 3 days in our conditioning room.
  4. Cold filter and store in keg until bottling.
  5. Bottle/can your beer and away you go.

We offer a variety of beers from light lagers to dark ales. Each batch makes 48 litres of beer which can be bottled in plastic, glass, or aluminum cans. Ready in two weeks.

Check out our wide selection of beers, wines, and ciders and coolers.