Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to brew?

BeerAles: 2-3 weeks for fermenting
Lagers: 4-5 weeks for fermenting
Wine4, 5, 6 or 8 week kits + desired bottle aging time
Cider3 weeks

What is the average cost of beer, wine and cider?

Beer$140-$175 / batch
Wine4 Week Economy wines: $130
4 Week Premium Wines: $140-145
5 Week Deluxe Wines: $155-160
6 Week Ultra-Deluxe Wines: $180-185
8 Week Luxury Wines: $225-230
Cider$90-100 / 23 litre batch  $160-175 / 46 litre batch

What are the batch sizes of beer, wine and cider?

Beer48 litres
Wine23 litres
Cider23 or 46 litres

Why is it better to brew onsite at Terminal City Brewing?

Terminal City Brewing is a Micro Brewery on a Micro Scale. In addition to the best materials, ingredients and technology available onsite, the following benefits are realized:

  • NO Beer Kits
  • NO Chemicals
  • NO Cleanup
  • NO Sediment
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • Heavy duty bottle washer (free)
  • Cold Filtered Beers

How many bottles do I need? Can I bring my own bottles?

We have Beer Bottles and Wine Bottles are available for sale - the number of bottles you will need will depend on the size of bottles you choose. Generally a batch of beer will be about 133 standard size beer bottles/cans and a batch of wine is about 28-29 standard wine bottles. You are welcome to provide your own bottles, however as the cleanliness of your bottles has a significant impact on the storage life and quality of your end product. As a result, we cannot guarantee anything packaged in used bottles. We are happy to help you assess any bottles you may have and we have facilities to properly sterilize otherwise clean bottles before filling.

Can you sell your Terminal City Brewing products?

No. All Terminal City Brewing products are meant for personal use. All liquor sold must be supplied by the BC Liquor Board. For more information, contact the BC Liquor Control Board and BC Liquor Stores.

Can I give away my Terminal City Brewing products?

Yes. You can give away your TCB products to friends and family.

How Long will the beer last?

All our brews are 100% natural with no preservatives added. It is imperative you store your beer in a cool dark place. (A fridge is ideal). Basically we think shelf life is about 2 months. The more hops in the beer the longer the life. Beer lasts longer in the winter than the summer. Storage and bottle cleanliness are the main factors in shelf life.

How Long with the wine last?

Provided you are using clean, sterile bottles your wine can last for many years, depending on your storage conditions. The standard wine corks we provide are suitable for about 18 months of bottle storage; if you are planning on storing your wine for longer periods of time, talk to us about specialty corks. Wine should be stored upright for the first few weeks after bottling, then turned on its side. Light and heat will both degrade your wine; the best storage place is somewhere cool and dark such as a storage unit, back of a closet, corner of a basement, etc.