About Terminal City Brewing

Terminal City Brewing is Vancouver’s premier Brew-On Premise(s) establishment.

We first opened our doors as West Coast U Brew on May 10, 1993, and have since provided the best products and services available in the on-premise brewing market, from our unique in-house beer recipes to some of Canada’s premium wines.

The Terminal City Brewing Crew

Bryn Hughes, a long time customer, purchased Terminal City Brewing from the previous owner in 2019.

Trevor, Josh, Ben and Jon make up the team. Josh, our Head Brewer, helps create the amazing all grain beers that we’ve become known for. Trevor, our longest term employee, keeps everything operating smoothly. Ben and Jon take care of the wine side of our business, making sure every batch comes out consistently perfect.

Collectively, the team brings together more than 50 years of experience. We believe, by far, that our brews can compete with any beer on the market and beat them. We make beers from easy slurping baseball beer to heavy dark stouts. Specializing in Hoppy IPA’S we have special fresh hops that we use in transfusions to make wickedly hoppy beers. If you love your hops then you found the right place to brew your beer.

Our Setup

On the beer side, we have a 300,000 BTU steam boiler that cranks out enough steam to heat our mash tun and 5bbl brew kettle. The beautiful thing about steam is its efficiency. Indirect heating in the steam kettles prevent burning and over cooking. Our temperature controlled rooms are at the optimum temp for fermentation and conditioning. We also have 2 free bottle sanitizers that will help you move through the system quickly. Our stainless beer bottling table has 4 stations with plenty of room for your helpers to cap and put away your beers.

For wine, we have a dedicated fermentation room kept at a steady temperature to keep the yeast happy. We have professional filtration and measuring equipment to make sure your wine is perfectly cared for at every step of its life from fermentation to bottling. Our pneumatic wine pumps and corking machines make bottling a breeze.

Over all our near 5000 sq ft of space has plenty of free parking in the back and a great loading bay in the front for (un)loading all your bottles.

All Grain Brewing Available!

We love our all grain full mash brews. Our specialty, of course, are our staple North American IPA styles. We have a really nice Nut Brown Ale, and a perfectly balanced Pale Ale recipe. We have also have a lagering room to make perfect lagers and pilsners all year through!! Now available, the only Brew on Premises “IN VANCOUVER” to offer all grain ales and lagers. Prices are not much more than our regular beers, about $10-15. Some of these beers take longer to ferment with the use of Lager yeasts. (About 1 month in total). We are all-grain all the time now with an expanded selection.