Wine Bottling Options

We offer green and white glass bottles for $1.25 each. Specialty bottles can be ordered upon request. Labels are also available in a variety of shapes and styles and may be personally printed.

Wine can be bottled in pretty much anything you want, as long as they are clean. We supply regular 750 ml wine bottles in both clear and green. Cost is $1.25 each.

We can bring in on special request the 375 ml bottles. $1.20 each.

Try bagging your wine! Tired of all the hassle with glass wine bottles? We carry 4.5 litre plastic wine dispensers. We also have a few choices for containers that fit into your fridge or look nice on your bar counter.

For port and ice wine we carry the 375 long neck bottles @ $1.25 each. Renana Breganza.

If you are using used wine bottles, please be sure to remove brand labels and clean well before use. Always rinse your bottles immediately after they are emptied. Do not use soap. A strong bleach solution can be used if you leave to soak overnight and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Please note: Since we cannot ensure the cleanliness of reused bottles, we cannot guarantee wine bottled in reused bottles.