Beer Bottling Options

We offer a variety of bottling option for your freshly-brewed beer. You are more than welcome to bring in your own bottles provided they are CLEAN, and not twist off, and finally able to handle carbonation. No wine bottles that use corks.

We can supply you with as many bottles you may need. Here is a list of choices.

355ml Aluminum CansAluminum cans are a good solution for those who prefer the convenience of not having to wash their bottles. However, this is the most expensive option since they are not reusable. We offer a state-of-the-art canning machine to easily lid your beer cans.

0.35 ea = about $47/batch + tax
500ml Plastic BottlesReusable, caps included. Green only0.65 ea x 96 bottles = $62.40 + tax
1 Litre Plastic BottleCurrently unavailable
Reusable, caps included.
$1.20 ea x 48 bottles = $57.60 + tax
650 ml Glass Rockets Reusable, tops included.$1.25 ea x 72 bottles = $90.00 + tax
750 ml Swingtop GlassReusable, tops included.$2.25 ea x 64 bottles = $144 + tax
355 ml GlassReusable, caps included.$0.95 ea x 135 bottles = $128.25 + tax
2L Stainless Steel GrowlerThe ultimate! Reusable, cap included. Not really for full batches as you would need 24 of them.$25 each + tax

Caring for your reusable bottles

Plastic and glass bottles are reusable and therefore are a one-time cost for your ongoing brewing experience. Always rinse your bottles immediately after they are emptied. Do not use soap. A strong bleach solution can be used if you leave to soak overnight and rinse thoroughly afterwards.