All Grain Ales

AlcoholFull Batch
Adanac Red Ale
This delicious ale has a reddish hue provided by our selection of CaraRed malt and roasted barley. Nothing bitter here - 18 IBUs rolls of your tongue nicely. Light hopping with a mix of Fuggles and Goldings finishes it off. More
5.3% $170.00
BC Coastal Pale Ale
A new special edition of our classic Coastal Pale Ale featuring all grown-in-BC hops! This is a well balanced pale ale with a bit of hoppiness without being bitter. Looking for a bit more hop aroma? We're happy to dry-hop this beer with anything in our catalog - look at ... More
5.2%$150.00 (reg. $165.00)
Black Sheep Cream Ale
A smooth dark ale that goes down easy. Its like a Kill Kenny, well kinda. A great dark beer without a lot of bitterness. A gentle roasted Barley finish. Malty characteristics. More
6.0% $170.00
Dos Amigos Amber Ale
A very mild dark ale made after the Dos Esquis Amber Ale but with our own additions of some specialty grains makes it our own brown or darker malty ale. More
5.2% $165.00
Equinox Pale Ale
Some people have asked for a mild IPA. Something with a citrus finish but not bitter and too full of hops. Voila. Kind of a hopparazzi style. or a bit of a Rattler with more alcohol. More
5.2% $165.00
Foreshore Pale Ale
Mild pale ale made with a blend of 2 row with Finest Maris otter and a handful of crystal, caramalt, and Bairds Brown. Hopped with the gentle use of East kent Goldings, willamette and a splash of Centennial hops for the finish. More
5.2% $170.00
Gulf Islands IPA
Pale in color but bold in flavour - using a healthy amount of bittering hop we get a nice kick up front but the true test of an IPA comes in the lingering flavours after. A nice blend of the classic cascade and willamette hop mixed with our own special ... More
6.0% $170.00
Hoppin' Mad IPA
This is the creme de la creme of IPA's. Full on hop bitterness with loads of flavour throughout and a tangy grapefruit finish. We are adding an experimental hop hybrid mixed with Apollo in the dry hopping to really get the finish us IPA lovers are looking for. Now available ... More
6.0% $175.00
Isolation Ale
This pale ale features a light hoppiness with understated citrus notes from our Columbus hops. We've kept the bitterness smooth with light floral aromas and subtle flavours of orange and stone fruit brought on by Bravo. The perfect ale to enjoy when you're stuck at home! More
5.2% $165.00
Rain City Ale
New and improved version of our Raintree Amber Ale. Delicious dry all-grain goodness. Using Chocolate and Crystal malt grains mixed in with Northern Brewer, Cascade and Goldings hops we have crafted something truly delicious. Ready in 2-3 weeks. More
5.0% $165.00
Smooth Sailng Session Ale
Mild and easy drinking pale ale with a gentle citrus finish with the use of a combo of centennial and cascade hops. More
4.7% $165.00
Stay-Back Citra Ale
A twist on our Equinox Pale Ale, one of our favourites. Dry hopping with the world-renowned Citra hop variety gives this beer a smooth citrus taste. Goes great with a sunny day! More
5.2% $165.00
Summer Solstice Pale Ale
This lively hopped brew uses a one off hop called Amarillo - many brewers are just discovering this magnificent hybrid. The Summer Solstice ale is very bright with a bit of a zing to it - I would call this pale ale a near IPA but without the mega hop ... More
5.2% $165.00
Westport ESB
Dark, Malty, and lots of hops. Put this to the test with any commercial esb and we will surprise you. More
6.0% $170.00