Ales are great.

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Cask Pale Ale
Pale Ale, the seemingly most popular beer in the pubs. This one has full body, balanced hops, deep copper colour and just a hint of bite off the top. This is the beer I recommend for anyone who likes a good honest Pale Ale. More
5.2% $160.00
Endless Summer Tropical Blonde
Light and crisp with grapefruit and pineapple notes. Boil and mid boil with Mosaic hops. This is a crisp summer ale that highlight the flavor of Citra hops. Finishes crisp without as much sweetness as expected. Perfect for sitting on the deck with the grill going. Don't let the end ... More
5.0% $160.00
Highlands Scottish Ale
Brownish, mildly sweet, notes of treacle and brown sugar. Tastes like a scotch ale. Not a heavily hopped beer. More
5.5% $165.00
Lord Stanley's Pale Ale
With the playoffs starting we just want you guys to get your beer for the cup run. This brew was very well received last year so lets do it again. This beer is a pale ale that is not bitter. Very low IBU's at about 30. It has a nice ... More
5.2% $160.00
Newcastle Brown Ale
This classic Ale is more like a brown Ale. Mildly hopped with no grain makes this easy drinking ale a good introduction to Ales. We think its a well balanced ale. The recipe hasn't changed in 14 years. I think it was my first ale brew back in 1994. More
5.2% $160.00
Roostertail Cream Ale
Copper/Amber colour/a clone of Rickards red. It kind of reminds me of Russels Cream ale. This recipe uses Amber/Pale Malt and a blend of Hallertau, Willamette, goldings hops. A fair slice of Chocolate and Crystal malt grains are crushed and steeped in this brew as well. More
5.2% $160.00
Sierra Madre Pale Ale
Not as mild as you might think. We use a fair amount of goldings in the finish. We call it an American style because it is medium to light in body. More copper in color with a hint of bitterness in the first taste but falls into a smooth finish. More
5.3% $160.00
West Coast Amber Ale
Here is one of those English style beers that offer a mild malt flavour with mild hopping in the Willamette style and using a small dose of crystal malt and a pinch of Roasted barley to give you a very nicely balanced and not too dark of an english amber ... More
5.3% $160.00
West Coast Pale Ale
A mild pale ale with a touch of barley/citrus finish. Not dark or hoppy. A great quaff for those with beer on the mind but don't want the big hops the ipa's have. More like a session ale with a wee touch of citrus on the end. More
5.2% $160.00