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COVID Policy

We want to keep you safe! We are limiting the number of appointments in the store to keep our valued customers separate. Please ensure you keep your scheduled bottling appointment time; we are limiting all bottling to one appointment per bottling area to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Please follow our posted signs regarding COVID safety and STAY at HOME if you have any doubts about your health. Under current health orders, bottling groups are not permitted. Come only with your own household.


Come discover the Brew On Premise concept at Terminal City Brewing. We are Vancouver’s first and finest U-Brew facility.

What is “U-Brew” anyhow?

No, it’s not a bunch of yeasty bottles exploding in your uncle’s closet! Our production equipment is similar to any other small craft brewery in town and our brewing process is just the same. Our all grain brewing system and ferment-on-premises licensing lets us do the hard part for you – we take care of the mashing, boiling, filtering and carbonating. We make the wort, then it goes in to a fermenter just for you. Your choice of yeast is all it takes to kick it off.

Once fermentation is complete (about 2 weeks for ales, 4 weeks for lagers/pilsners) you’ll make a bottling appointment with us. We have everything you need right here:

  • New glass or plastic bottles are available for purchase
  • We have 355mL cans for purchase to use in our canning machine
  • We have two automatic bottle sanitizing machines available if you are reusing bottles
  • Bottle caps are always free when you’re bottling with us
  • Our draft bottling table lets you fill up just about anything; growlers, bottles, etc
  • We can help you fill your kegs if you have a home draft system

Bottling takes about an hour for most folks and it’s FUN! You will have the opportunity to sample your beer while you bottle.

What’s in it for me?

Enjoy quality beer but don’t like what it does to your wallet? We’ve got you covered. Our batches are 48L and range from $145-175. A standard craft beer bottle is 330mL; you can do the math! You can find our full beer list here

We make great quality craft beer from real grain just like your favourite local microbrewery. Since we’re making it just for you, we can adjust the recipe to fit your personal taste. Have a particular hop you love? We probably have it in stock. Prefer something light and smooth? Not a problem. From the lightest lager to the darkest stout, we have you covered.

Is the beer any good?

We are Vancouver’s first full-service “Brew On Premise”. We opened our doors on May 10, 1993 and have since provided the best products and services available in the industry. We know our business! While we aren’t able to provide samples before you buy, we have many many happy customers. Check out our reviews on Google and Yelp.

Wines made on site

We also offer a full complement of wines from around the world. Check out our wine list for all your on-site wine making needs.

Give the gift of beer!

We have gift certificates available in any denomination. Contact us or drop by the shop to buy the perfect gift for a beer/wine lover.

Come visit us to get started!!

We’re located at 1616 Clark Drive in East Vancouver. Customer parking is available in the back and accessible from the alley on the south side of the building.

Looking for homebrew supplies?

We carry a range of brewing supplies too! We have beer kits and we’re happy to make you up custom grain packages. Equipment / tools / additives / etc are all available for beer, wine and cider making. All of our bottling options are available for home brewers too! Check our Homebrew Supplies page for more information.

Our current specials

Lakeside Lager$145.00 (reg. $160.00)
Lord Stanley's Pale Ale$150.00 (reg. $165.00)
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WineXpert Classic: Premium 4 Week
Chilean Merlot
$140.00 (reg. $150.00)
WineXpert Classic: Premium 4 Week
California Viognier
$135.00 (reg. $145.00)
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Beer quote of the day

"An Irishman is the only man in the world who will step over the bodies of a dozen naked women to get to a bottle of stout."

— Anonymous

Telephone and location

(604) 875-0600

1616 Clark Dr.
Vancouver, BC
V5L 4Y2

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Regular Hours

(See special holiday hours above)


Wine for weddings

Planning a wedding? Ask us about our wedding wine making packages.